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Writers Note - Organisation 1 by DarkDelusion Writers Note - Organisation 1 by DarkDelusion
Getting Organised part 1

Every writer is different and so not every suggestion for organising yourself will work for you. However here is how I do it that you may find useful.

Firstly, for every new novel I start a new computer folder. Give your novel (or series) a name. Whether you write short stories, sonnets or huge novels TITLES are important. If you can’t think of one you like use a “Working Title” but at least you have something. If you write novels, give your novels a title – if you write novel series, give the SERIES a title. That way the individual novels can become numbers until you’ve got your individual titles.

Within the computer folder add new folders – Characters / Ideas / Plots / Novel / Encyclopaedia. These are your basic – you may end up with more. This is where everything will be stored electronically as you write.

As well as a computer copy it is a good idea to have paper-copies too. Get yourself some lever arch binders (one per novel or series), some indexers and start your file. The binder is NOT were you store scenes (believe me you will end up with a LOT of paper when you print scenes). Use the binders for categorising character profiles, encyclopaedia info, ideas, diagrams etc. Use the indexers to separate.

Set these up before you end up with a mass of paperwork and keep it in an easy to reach / easy to get at location not hidden at the bottom of a drawer with crap on top!

I can not stress enough how important back ups are. I mentioned them in my first tutorial and I will hammer home the point now. Create back ups. The paper copies are one but CDs, external hard drives, pen drives… whatever you feel you need to use, use it. Update your backups regularly. It is one of the worst feelings in the world to lose your novels.

Okay, now we move onto organising your work:

Maybe some writers can tap away on a laptop in a coffee shop or on the bus and get loads done. The majority of people won’t be that lucky (and personally, I wouldn’t want to be!) So get yourself a writing space. A desk, a table, the garden shed… whatever, make sure you do MOST of your writing there.

Now many people write using a laptop, now they are good for versatility but it is good to have a fixed place to do most of your writing. You can use your laptop on a desk and make sure your chair is comfortable and height adjustable (if poss).

Have you ever been sitting in a cluttered room and found yourself unable to write / draw or perhaps even read? There are schools of thought that state “chi” is unable to flow smoothly in cluttered rooms so becomes stagnant. Now whether you believe in the idea of chi or not, the truth is you are more likely to do better work if your writing space is tidy.

So once you’ve decided on a space de-clutter it. Make sure it’s neat, tidy and has space for your notes, a pad, pen and a place for a cup of tea and a plate of sandwiches. (As a writer sometimes you will want to keep working, remember to eat even if it means bringing food to your desk….though it is still preferred that you take SOME time away from the desk during your writing day).

Lastly, your writing space is best if bright, airy and somewhere you can get some peace and quiet. Not always easy, believe me I was writing throughout my teenage years and was forever interrupted while living in my parents house and sharing a bedroom with my sister. Just do what you can.

Every writer is different when it comes to music. Sometimes I like music in the background, I have it low so it does not distract me. Other times I find it a nuisance. Listen to your mood and decide if it is a help or a hindrance.

I have found in the past if I was listening to a CD on loop while writing an action scene that to get into that frame of mind again all I needed was to put on that same CD and it triggered the memories and allowed me to write another good action scene.

If you find you are constantly struggling to write, turn the music off. Before you leap to the conclusion you have writers block you need to eliminate other possibilities like being subconsciously distracted.

When you want to write be serious, switch off phones and pagers so you are not tempted to answer calls or texts. Don’t log into messenger or on the internet because you will not get as much done if you stop every 50seconds to chat to someone.

Tell family members not to disturb you and keep your door closed and if they can distract you keep pets out while you write.

Do whatever chores or errands you are supposed to do first. This way you won’t be interrupted later because you did not do the dishes before going to write.

Don’t bullshit yourself with “finding time” to write. If you really want to write you will make time. I hate the term but Time Management applies, in the morning plan your time. Whether it’s a weekend or weekday work around your more rigid schedule (such as working/school/homework/mealtimes etc).

Write for a few hours and at “set times” make some lunch – something light like sandwiches. Have a cup of tea or coffee but make sure you drink fruit juice or water in between. If you feel like snacking have some fruit you can pick at (grapes, berries, cherries, carrot slices) Try NOT to have starchy / sugary foods – you get a quick flash buzz but then are left feeling lethargic which will affect your mood and your writing.

Don’t skip eating that’s not good either. You will be sitting in a chair writing a lot and staring at a screen so be nice to your body or it will punish you with aches, twinges, stiff joints….

Every few hours get up and move around. Go for a walk or just wander around your garden if you have one. Do some stretches to keep your back flexible and stop the muscles tightening.

As I said, if you don’t look after yourself your body will punish you and that means losing time writing.

Now, when taking breaks there are two schools of thought:

1) Some say when you need to stop for a break, stop in the middle of a sentence so you can get right back into it when you return.

2) Others say finish what you need to say and if you have a specific part following then make bullet point notes before having a break so you don’t forget.

I do the latter mainly because I can not always remember what I was going to write when I return even if stopping in mid-sentence and that’s frustrating.

Try and write at the same time each day – I know every write worth their salt bleats this out. It does help but also, if you find a specific time that works for you when you are more active, more alert it helps to keep it in routine.

If you struggle to do this, at least give yourself a word count. State that every day you will write 500 words. That way even if you can’t write at the normal time you are encouraged to catch snipits of time here and there to get your 500 words done.

See Part 2


Did you enjoy this tutorial? Well you might like to visit my Writers Blog -The Eternal Scribbler, all new tutorials are now listed there. I update the blog every Friday at 18:30 BST (mostly).

So if you are a budding writer, check it out, you can follow the blog via email if you like and get a notification when the new tutorial pops up. :)

Happy Writing

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persona4lover124 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Shembre Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
Have you ever tried YWriter? It really helps with organizing notes and story chapters especially. Thought I would mention it just in case. I love it because I write in big chunks and then fill in gaps as I go. :)
Flawless-Dreams Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
god, I have over like 50 things to read for my writing! :D I need to improve and hopefully this will help!
DarkDelusion Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
It does help, when you find things that can make you think differently, make you evaluate your writing, it will allow for development and growth in your work.

I am glad you have been enjoying my tutorials :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~
My writing blog is now up and running, it will feature all my tutorials on dA and a load more new ones, competitions, features, reviews and as many writing tips as I can think of. Visit : theeternalscribbler.wordpress.…
JessieJordan Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Student General Artist
I outta try that music thing. I have a bunch of soundtrack music that might get me into the right mood. Put all the action music on one cd, all the romantic music on one cd, all the comedic music on one, ect. Thanks for the inspiration! :la: >.> or ill just make playlists on my I-tunes that way its easier accessable. :D
Quavera-Tava Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
I do that computer folder thing too! Of course I still need to back up, but I'll get there. The tidy space, and writing space, well does the dining room on the first floor count? XD
Time management, I hate planning, let alone executing. However, we all of to get better at it, and its something that I need to get down.
DarkDelusion Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
you find that as your days get more full, you need to arrange your time better. Due to changes in my job I am forced to do overtime more and more so am losing writing time, so I've had to re-shuffle my working/writing/house/chores schedule to compensate :)
Quavera-Tava Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
Yeah, for a while when I started into some deep school I felt very overwhelmed. Now it doesn't seem so big anymore. Guess you kinda learn to manage your time over time right?
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